DENALI 2.0 DataDim Dual Intensity Controller

SKU: AMG.WHS.11000

DENALI 2.0 DataDim Dual Intensity Controller

$ 50.00

This DENALI DataDim™ Dual-Intensity Controller enables the DENALI lights to switch between half and full intensity with your vehicle’s original high beam switch. All DENALI 2.0 Light pods are equipped with a dedicated 3rd-wire dimming circuit so an external signal can reliably control the intensity of the LED chip at the source.

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What’s in the box:

  • (1) DataDim™ Dual-Intensity Controller
  • (1) Dual-Intensity Trigger Wire

DENALI 2.0 LED Auxiliary Lighting Guide
Designed specifically for motorcycles, the DENALI 2.0 LED TriOptic auxiliary lights with DataDim technology maximize visibility in an extremely durable, efficient, compact yet very powerful package. This product line, like all DENALI products, carries a 5-year warranty.


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