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"Passion is just a part of our builds. Dedication and skill are what makes us proud to be Analog."

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Latest News

About us

About Analog Motorcycles: Tony Prust

About Analog Motorcycles

I founded Analog Motorcycles in 2008 out of passion, principal, and necessity. Combining skills from my past careers and interests including audio engineering, and carpentry, I focused my interests and imagination into creating motorcycles and components that were complex in thought and design, yet simple and pure in execution just like analog music, thus the […]

What We Do

Currently Analog is capable of small accessory installs to full custom bike builds, powder coating to fabricating and everything in between. We can find a specific bike to build your dream or you can bring us yours and we can tailor it to fit the look you want. No matter how old or new, we […]


+ I’m interested in an Analog motorcycle + Can I use my current bike as the basis of a Analog project? + How much will a custom bike cost me?

Parts and Gear

As our Parts and Goods division, Analog Motor Goods is committed to making custom motorcycle parts, apparel, and other goods that represent the Analog brand. That means the same quality and attention to detail found in our custom builds is also found in the products we sell. Analog Motor Goods will continue to release more […]

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