I’m interested in an Analog motorcycle

We create and sell custom built bikes. If you like a bike we’ve already built we are happy to make a similar machine, but never an exact copy. As part of the design process we will work with you through every aspect of the build to make certain you will get your dream bike.

Can I use my current bike as the basis of a Analog project?

We certainly can take your current ride and build a custom out of it. Of course, within reason! We do build a wide variety of machines, from café racers to street-trackers and scramblers to bobbers. It really only depends on the condition of your bike and whether or not it lends itself to the type of build you are after. We also have some level of respect for the motorcycle culture and will not chop up something in museum quality condition especially if it’s rare.

How much will a custom bike cost me?

As we make each unique bike to order there are many factors that will determine the cost of a machine, including the type/cost of the donor bike, the complexity of the build and the parts used. As an example, are we going to use refreshed factory suspension and brakes or full adjustable and beautiful modern units from the after market world? Are we designing a new tank or modifying the stock tank or just new coat of paint? Therefore the cost of the bike is not only determined by the design but by the customer’s specification and wishes.

How does the payment structure work for a commission build?

To start the process we require a $1,000 down payment that acts as your “deposit” and will secure your place in line. If we are looking for a specific donor bike for your build we may ask for a higher deposit amount to make sure when the right donor bike comes along we can grab it for you. Once the design is signed off on and the budget agreed upon we will start the search. Once we begin work on your machine on the scheduled date we agree on we require another payment (usually 30% of the build budget). When all fabrication is done and bike is being disassembled for paint and powder coat, etc we require another payment of (30% of build budget). The remaining balance will be due upon completion.

How long will the build take?

You wouldn’t want us to rush your bike and you can be certain we won’t. It takes time to produce a beautiful custom machine. A lot of it depends on the complexity of the design and condition of donor. Typical build take somewhere between 8-15 weeks from the time we actually start tearing into your bike.

How about a warranty?

Considering most of the bikes we build are over 30 years old, we do our very best to make sure you’ll be enjoying your Analog bike for years to come. However due to the age and ‘classic’ engineering of these bikes they are going to need a little pampering, care and attention as you’d expect. If there is an issue we will do our best to resolve it best we can. If you opted not to have your engine rebuilt and it fails 200 miles down the road there is very little we can do. If something fails that we did we will certainly fix that provided the bike makes it back to our shop. We shakedown and ride every build we do to ensure all works well and without issue. If an issue comes up we are fair and work with all of our clients to come to an agreement that works for both parties.

Is it USA road legal?

All of our bikes are US road legal. It is your responsibility to check if it is road legal in your country. We will obviously help as much as we can but ultimately it’s up to you.

Do you export?

Yes. As well as selling to the US we are happy to export worldwide. Any prices shown on the website are for US sales and exclude shipping costs, taxes etc. that may be applicable.

How about after-sales service?

We encourage all of our customers to keep in touch with us. We are happy to service all of the bikes that we build and sell. We can arrange a pick-up and delivery service in the US (at a pre-arranged cost). We will also be arranging rides and get togethers from various places near Gurnee, IL. We’ll keep you posted.