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The shop here at Analog Motorcycles wouldn’t run nearly as smooth as it does without the help of some stellar partners. We’d like to give thanks to the following companies for their help and assistance with keeping the dream of Analog Motorcycles flourishing.

Spectro Oils – Oil & More

Spectro Oils Logo

For over 50 years Spectro Oils has been the go to name in motorcycle oils. Since it was founded in 1966, Spectro has held true to its core values of producing the best quality products, exceptional customer support, and a strong support for the motorcycle industry. Spectro Oils’ products are engineered to provide the highest levels of performance across the full range of full-synthetic, semi-synthetic and petroleum lubricants for all types of power-sports engines, and transmissions. Spectro also provides premier products for your brakes, chain, suspension, air filter, fuel, cooling system, and the appearance of your bike as well. Spectro protects your bike from front to back, and everywhere in between!

Cone Engineering – Exhaust Components

Cone Engineering Logo

When Analog needs to create a unique exhaust system for a custom project, we call Cone Engineering. Cone supplies exhaust components for all types of vehicles: cars, motorcycles, marine, off-road, aircraft, and even some things that have surprised them! Made in the U.S.A.

Alpinestars – Riding Gear


In 1963, a leather craftsman by the name of Sante Mazzarolo brought forth a future icon. Based in the small Northern Italy town of Asolo and with the perennial Alpine Star flower as its namesake, Mr. Mazzarolo began producing the first products bearing the Alpinestars moniker. At that time a new sport called motocross was establishing itself and becoming quite popular across Europe. Very much aware of the sport, Sante realized an opportunity to apply his talents and technical acumen to design a new type of footwear that would meet the protective needs and demands of this beautiful yet brutal form of athleticism. The revolutionary boot that Mr. Mazzarolo produced would become an archetype for motocross protection.

Right from the outset, the company’s vision and desire was to continually introduce innovative products that took performance to new and higher levels.

Thus, a rich heritage in motorcycle racing was born, branching into road racing in the late seventies and eventually into nearly all discipline of motorsports from motocross to Formula 1. Though Alpinestars has evolved over the years, the timeless rebel-style of motorcycle racing and the refined Italian aesthetic of the early sixties continue to drive the brand.

Now, over 50 years later, Alpinestars has outfitted countless world champions past and present and produces the highest level of performance and protective apparel and footwear. To this day, Alpinestars’ legacy of motorcycle racing and its roots in Italian artistry are stitched into every garment.

Denali Electronics – Lighting

Denali Electronics

DENALI was founded in 2010 with the introduction of an innovative LED lighting kit purpose built for the under-served motorcycle market. When halogen and HID lighting was industry standard, DENALI focused on advancing LED technology to develop the brightest most compact lights available that would draw the least amount of power from the motorcycle. DENALI has continued to be an industry leader developing the first dual intensity LED light kit that features a dimming controller that automatically controls the LED intensity with the motorcycle’s original high beam switch.

In addition to LED lighting, DENALI specializes in air horns, power distribution, and vehicle integrated mounting and wiring kits. With DENALI products you can only expect the highest quality where function and durability drive form with no compromise. Inspired by the adventure seeker in you, our products will withstand the harshest conditions without giving up so you can go farther and see more.

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