About Analog Motorcycles

About Analog Motorcycles: Who Are We?

About Analog Motorcycles: Tony Prust

I founded Analog Motorcycles in 2008 out of passion, principal, and necessity. Combining skills from my past careers and interests including audio engineering, and carpentry, I focused my interests and imagination into creating motorcycles and components that were complex in thought and design, yet simple and pure in execution just like analog music, thus the monster was born.

My approach to design is simple, “lighten it up, clean it up, and fire it up”. This takes time and dedication to obtain on every build, making the planning and design phase one of the most important steps in the build process. We take the time to work with our customers to address build limitations and explore solutions to achieve excellence. I have been blessed with customers that appreciate this disciplined no-flash approach to our process.

We work with all makes and models of motorcycles from BMW and BSA, to Yamaha and Zundapp. We specialize in the unloved orphans. The land of forgotten toys is our asylum, the misfits are the residents and we are the surgeons. To say that we love a challenge is an understatement.

Featured in numerous magazines, aired on television, our builds have won awards in some of the most prestigious events in the world. All of these blessings are secondary only to the support I have from my customers, friends, and family urging me to never settle for anything short of my dreams. For that, I thank every one of you for supporting Analog Motorcycles.

About Analog Motor Goods

We expanded Analog with a curated selection of motorcycle components and apparel, choosing only items of quality that match that of our builds. If we can’t locate something to our liking, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to design and manufacture components to meet our needs, calling the operation Analog Motor Goods. Always expanding, our parts offerings include components for Triumph, BMW, and Yamaha makes and models. Our universal components are designed to fit projects that fall outside of our make/model specific options. Designed with precision and manufactured with OEM durability and ease of installation in mind, Analog Motor Goods custom motorcycle parts are unrivaled. If you are considering a full custom build, or a mild transformation with our specialized parts, Analog components can help make your vision a reality.