1973 YAMAHA RD350 – S2RD

1973 YAMAHA RD 35 – S2RD

  • Ducati S2R front neck and front suspension
  • Rear rim laced to front hub
  • TZ250 rear wheel and hub
  • Custom fabricated spacers for wheels
  • Custom made spacers for Brembo rotors and calipers
  • DG expansion chambers
  • Bobbed rear fender
  • Custom modified sub-frame
  • Custom made aluminum seat pan
  • Paint by Kiel at Crown Auto Body (design and layout by Analog Motorcycles)
  • Custom upholstery by Rod’s Designs
  • 1” bars with hidden throttle assembly
  • After market master cylinders
  • Custom made hydraulic clutch set up
  • After market rear sets
  • Lots of powder coating
  • Firestone tires
  • Custom made battery tray with hidden battery and electronics
  • Chinoy ignition system
  • Custom fabricated tank fuel filler
  • Progressive rear shocks
  • Custom Hel brake lines

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This bike was built specifically for a customer.  We do not make copies of bikes, but if you would like us to create your very own custom build click HERE to find out how we can do that.

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Woukd it be too much to ask what the budget on this bike was? I have an RD350 myself. Mine has torque engineering expansion chambers and boost bottles for a little more performance. Otherwise all original, even opted to have original paint restored. But…this has got to be the most beautiful blend of classic and modern I have ever seen.

Michele Arienzale

Is it possible to know for how much this bike has been sold? And, in case, if there has been something to do to make it legal do run on streets? Usually, in Italy, once you do those mods on a bike you are not allowed anymore to run it on streets.

Thank you

It was built a long time ago for a customer. It was not built and sold for a specific price. It has been on the road and ridden with a license plate. The owner lives in a state that does not require inspections but it meets the required laws for his state with the exception of not having a speedometer but he can use a phone app for that.

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