• Bobbed front fender with custom made brackets
  • Modified sub-frame
  • Custom seat pan
  • Custom upholstery by Rod’s Designs
  • Clear coat and distressed Paint by Kiel at Crown Auto Body (design and layout by Analog Motorcycles)
  • Pinstripe by Brando
  • GSXR front end conversion
  • Custom made spacers for front end, wheel and brakes
  • Aftermarket Headlight with integrated turn signals
  • Custom made LED taillight wtth running, brake and  turn signals
  • Koso speedometer gauge unit
  • Bar end mirror
  • Lots of powder coating
  • Engine rebuilt and sanded to brushed finish
  • Custom milled sprocket cover
  • Custom fabricated batter tray
  • Gazi Sport X rear Shocks
  • Aftermarket controls
  • Stock headers wrapped with DCC Stainless Steal Muffler
  • Shinko 705 Tires
  • Aftermarket wave rotors
  • Aftermarket billet brake fluid reservoir
  • Custom Hel brake lines

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Matteo Parmeggiani

I love this bike and I hopefull, in a future to make one similar of this.
Really good job Analog

About how much does this build cost? I have an sr with mechanicals all good and sound tank, tires, dcc shorty muffler, tarozzi clip ons, rear seat loop done. Any info on price of build out would be great.

This bike was built specifically for a customer. We do not make copies of bikes, but if you would like us to create your very own custom build visit our ‘build inquiry’ section to find out how we can do that.

Are the upside down forks a certain size or year to keep with the balance of the bike ?

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