• Lowered headlight and gauges
  • Removed tail section
  • Paint by Kiel at Crown Auto Body (design and layout by Analog Motorcycles)
  • Pinstripe by Joe Chrisman
  • GSXR front end conversion
  • Custom made spacers for front end, wheel and brakes
  • Aftermarket tail light with integrated turn signals
  • Aftermarket front turn signals
  • CRG bar end mirror
  • Lots of powder coating
  • Engine has a dry slipper clutch conversion by TJ at Moto Union
  • Custom made belt covers to expose moving belts
  • Pazzo Levers
  • Custom made Stainless Steel open exhaust
  • Custom Hel brake lines
  • Engine cases powdercoated

This bike was built specifically for a customer.  We do not make copies of bikes, but if you would like us to create your very own custom build click HERE to find out how we can do that.

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Is this bike still available?

Jeff – unfortunately this one was never for sale ;) – Send us a build inquiry, we’d be happy to build you your own unique Ducati.

How did you lower the gauges and headlight? Looks so mint! Doing some modifications on mine as well, making it look fairly close to this one but all black ^^. Another question, in the first pic is that still the stock fork or is it an unpainted gsxr one?

This was a long time ago but I believe I mounted the gauge under the top triple and made some brackets to lower the headlights. Too long ago to remember exactly. First pic was stock forks. The rest are after the GSXR conversion with fresh powder coated forks.

Please tell me about the foot controls

I believe they were Speedy Moto units and have since been discontinued. This was built many years ago so forgive my lack of specifics.

What pipe reference did you take for the oil cooler hose? the one that normally passes in front of the belts, and that you pass behind the cylinder

Email [email protected] He can help you with that info.

The swing arm probably can but the suspension points and several other things will need to be considered. Never tried it but I doubt it is a direct swap.

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