• Race Tech custom shocks
  • Lowered about 2”
  • Vintage Firestone ANS Tires
  • Tracker low bars
  • Full engine rebuild to stock specs
  • Pamco electronic ignition and charging
  • K&N filters
  • Custom modified exhaust with Cone Engineering mufflers
  • Ceramic coating by Hy Tec Powder Coating
  • AMG XS650 Billet Valve, Points, and Stator Covers
  • Modified rear tank mount to make tank sit level
  • Custom made battery tray
  • Custom Seat pan
  • Matching wrapped grips
  • Upholstery by Rod’s Designs
  • Bobbed fenders
  • Paint design and layout by Analog
  • Paint by Kiel @ Crown Auto body
  • Motogadget m-Unit, m-Button, and m-Switch controls
  • Bates style headlight and taillight
  • Earth X battery
  • Complete re-wire
  • AMG XS650 Gripper Pegs
  • Aftermarket Speedo and Tach
  • Powder coating by Analog and J&J

This bike was built specifically for a customer.  We do not make copies of bikes, but if you would like us to create your very own custom build click HERE to find out how we can do that.

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What size tires are those and did you have to do anything for them to fit?

4.00-19 front and 5.00-16 rear. Had to modify front fender to fit.

Thanks , did you have to run tubes in the tires? I have mags and am looking for a similar tire too.

Hi Tony, hope all is going well,
just want to start off by saying your builds have sparked my want to move from cars to bikes. That being said i have an 82 and a 79 xs400 (82 being in slightly better shape) just wondering which bike you would recommend i build first based on simplicity, parts accessibility and build threads i can learn from and reference as i go.

have a good day,


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