We Love Spectro Oils

I purchased my second street motorcycle in 1999. It was a 1999 Suzuki GSXR600. I rode that motorcycle as much as I could. I always did my service work and the local shop at the time was a Spectro Oils dealer. The salesman recommended me to give the Spectro brand a try. I have been using Spectro Oils ever since. The story does not end there, though. A couple of years later I had a little low side on that GSXR and decided to fix the scratches myself and re-paint the bike as well. The paint theme would be a little race inspired so I contacted some of the aftermarket companies by mail (actual mail) and phone calls to see if any of them would send me some stickers so I could apply on the bike. I remember Spectro sent me the biggest sticker pack ever and I thought that was pretty rad. It was that kind gesture that stuck in my head for years to come. In 2006 I scooped up a track only 2002 GSXR750 and continued the race livery rocking the Spectro Oils stickers.

Fast forward a little bit and I got into quad riding as well. I ended up having some engine work done and the guy who did the work did not put in Spectro oil when the engine was complete and I had overheating issues immediately. Switched to Spectro and the overheating went away. This further supported my love for the brand.

Fast forward further and now I am building custom motorcycles and doing some mild service work for some of my customers. I had been toying with the idea of seeking out a few sponsors for Analog Motorcycles being a bit more established by this time and did not know really where or how to begin. Our friend Bryan Fuller invited us to the first-ever Forged Invitational show in March of 2017. Bryan had invited some specific builders and specific sponsors for the show with the notion of trying to bridge the gap between builders and brands interested in supporting them. It was here I met Alex (President of Spectro Oils). I told Alex some of my Spectro Oils stories and the rest is history as they say. We have been an exclusive Spectro Oils shop ever since. I can say with all honesty we have never had an engine issue related to oil and every machine we build has Spectro in it. Including our race machines. I think the biggest testament to any product or brand is how well it holds up under extreme conditions. What is more extreme than racing?

With that story, I want to say Thank you to Alex, Luke, and the whole Spectro Oils team for making a great product and giving us the support these past few years. I truly appreciate you guys and look forward to our continued partnership.

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