New Build: The BMW R nineT/6

This BMW is special.  The build started with the idea to build something that was completely designed and constructed for the purpose of executing Analog’s own design.  No customers involved, just Tony and the idea of this bike stewing in his head.  We are calling it the R nineT/6.


The tank is silver painted on top, and clear-coated steel on the bottom with blue accents.  The BMW roundel is a custom-machined piece with blue underneath to add the distinct BMW logo-look.  The rims are black and laced with black nipples and blue spokes – the same blue used as an accent on the tank and the stitching in the seat.  R90/6 owners may see some wizardy going on in the rear frame loop.  That’s a custom job which brings the rear suspension perch’s a little more forward and makes the bike look a little more modern and a little more aggressive.


Fans familiar with the BMW boxer motor of this era will also notice the rear portion of the motor usually fitted with the airbox section is different than what BMW Motorrad sent out to its customers.  Since this /6 has individual pod filters, the space rear of the engine and top of the transmission is freed up to hold the electronics and battery.  It seems like it should have been this way from the factory.  The electronics box is painted gloss black to match the rest of the powdercoating on the motor.  By the way… that motor – it was completely rebuilt by Johnny and crew at MotoWorks Chicago.  Make no mistake this is essentially a brand new motorcycle in almost every conceivable way.


BMWs are known for their reliability and general approachability in terms of getting on and riding – exactly what a motorcycle is built for – TO RIDE!  This idea is even executed in the custom designed seat.  The – dare I say it – ever pervasive “cafe-racer” theme that was so popular in recent years does actually bring some good aspects to the custom motorcycle scene.  One of the ways it influences this build is the seat and seat hump.  That lovely rear hump that indicates this is a solo rider and not a mushy two-up is a lie.  That rear hump is actually a supporting seat which can carry any willing passenger.  In this case you get the best of both worlds.  The svelte cafe look and the ability to ride two-up.  What’s better than that?


Our parts division – Analog Motor Goods – recently launched the Revolver Tail Light, a piece which allows all you custom builders out there to grab a bright, LED, easy-to-wire, mounting bracket-included, Analog-designed rear light.  It perfectly compliments the other machined surfaces on the bike while offering total functionality. Form AND Function.  Of course our own Analog branding is part of all Analog builds – in that lovely blue hue seen throughout.  What else do you need for a bike?  A comfortable riding position. A custom tuned Race Tech suspension which ups the classic BMW’s lethargic handling to sport-tracking capabilities.  Oh, there’s one more thing I can think of which we touched on earlier…


It’s pretty nice when your jack-of-all-trades, perfect for daily-riding build can pull a wheelie no problem!  And folks… when we started talking about this build we told you it was built with Tony’s own design in mind and the strict purpose of being sold after it was completed.  This is your chance to own a fresh off the line 1976 BMW R nineT/6!!  If that sounds like something you want – then you can consider yourself party to what I would say is the majority of motorcycle enthusiasts.  If you can see yourself riding this one on the daily, you can contact us HERE.

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