The Whiskey Grade Dirt 750


Analog Motorcycles’ first Harley Davidson custom.  I wasn’t sure I would ever say (type) those words.  It’s not that the brand is bad… It’s nice to see an American company selling bikes.  And their owners are some of the most loyal fans out there.  We just never got the opportunity to work our magic on any of the brand’s models.


Enter Tom Wronkovich from Bike Town Harley Davidson and owner of Whiskey Grade.  Tom originally commissioned the build in order to develop some custom parts with our brand, Analog Motor Goods.  The idea being that we could help some potential owners edge a little more style and performance out of their new, budget Harleys.


Well it happens that we stumble upon a contest being held by Harley Davidson themselves.  So we alter our original idea slightly and plan to enter the Harley Davidson dealership contest. While it would have been fun to compete with our first Harley ever, the universe had other plans.  Fast forward later on in the build and we find out that the rules won’t allow Analog Motorcycles to compete in the contest being as we are a professional builder. But… it turns out that Tom is so happy with the scrambler-ized look of the Street 750 that he decides to use the build as a shop bike for Whiskey Grade Cleveland.  So through a specific set of events, the build finds it’s true purpose.


While this build is unusual for Analog Motorcycles in that it has that Harley badge we see so rarely, it is still a full Analog custom.  The goal of all our builds is to improve style and performance and in that sense this build is a marked success.  That v-twin is one of the best Harley noises I’ve heard since the last flat track race, and the style is no longer standard cruiser – it’s something special now.  Congrats Whiskey Grade on the new shop bike, I know you’ll love it.

See the Dirt 750 in our portfolio

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My name is Praveen Kumar M. I want to purchase this bike it’s look and style totally impressed me..but i want to know about the performance of this bike.

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