3rd Annual Open House

We were on our way back home from Barber Vintage Fest last fall – Tony, Bibu, and I discussing motorcycles, the killer week we had in Alabama, and Bibu’s disgust for anything with sauce on it – when we realized we had forgotten something – to plan our annual open house.  With only one potential weekend working for the crew, we began planning a little get together for the locals.  It’s our chance, when most people are still able to ride before winter comes, to open the doors to our shop, eat pizza, and have a couple beers.

We cleaned up the shop and Bibu wiped down a few of the builds to show visitors. Having the bikes on display ends up being a nice little retrospective of what the team accomplished during the year.  Between the collaboration with our new friend Krys on the SR400, refining our metal shaping skills, and another awesome Rebel Yell Triumph it was a solid year.

The annual open house gives us a chance to talk with all the folks that help make Analog possible – customers, fans, fellow motorcycle friends, and spouses – makes for a pretty good family.  For me, the year almost ends with the first snowfall; no more riding and minimal outdoors time in the winter months, it’s like going into a sort of hibernation.  For the business, it marks the change in the ebb and flow of the year.  2017 was heavily focused on making new products to bring to market and strategically building the business, setting 2018 up for success.  I’m personally excited about seeing the new builds in progress like the Ducati Single that was born at the inaugural Analog open house event.   To 2018….


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