1968 Ducati 250cc – Moto III

1968 DUCATI 250cc – MOTO III


  • Framecrafter’s bi-Metal Moto3 spec Chassis
  • All Billet aluminum parts on chassis hand milled
  • Matching bi-Metal swing arm by Framecrafters
  • All custom made engine mounts by Framecrafters
  • RS125 Showa suspension rebuilt
  • Honda CB550 front hub modified and milled with needed spacers
  • Custom made Barns quickchage rear hub
  • 17” Sun rims and spoke kits by Buchanan’s
  • Dunlop Race Rain tires KR189 front and KR389 Rear
  • Modified Vortex clip ons
  • Custom made linkage for left side shift conversion.
  • Modified kickstarter to clear rear sets and linkage


  • ‘68 Ducati 250 Narrow case engine
  • Rebuilt by TJ at Demon Tech
  • 12v and electronic conversion by Electrex
  • NOS Dell’orto VHB27 carb
  • Custom made Stainless pie cut header with Cone Engineering Big Mouth Muffler


  • Handmade aluminum tank
  • Handmade aluminum tail
  • Handmade aluminum fairing
  • Handmade aluminum fender
  • Custom made seat pan
  • Upholstery by Dane Utech of Plz.B.seated
  • Paint by Artistimo Custom Design



Featured on Cycle World and Bike Exif

This bike was built specifically for a customer.  We do not make copies of bikes, but if you would like us to create your very own custom build click HERE to find out how we can do that.

Photography by: Daniel Peter

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August 1, 2018

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such a beautiful build! so slick, i’m in love! great engineering and idea execution!

Thank you!

Do you sell that fairing? It would look great on my 1977 RD400/TZ special!

No, sorry, we handmade that fairing for that bike specifically.

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