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XS650 Reloaded from Analog Motorcycles

A redo, a rebuild, a re-envisioning, the XS650 Reloaded…


It’s quite hard to imagine our builder and owner Tony Prust leaving anything just ‘good enough’ on any machine that rolls through our shop.  The story of this custom began when we found an older Loaded Gun Customs build at a local auction.  Having known owner and fellow motorcycle builder Kevin Dunworth for a while as a one of the greats of the custom scene, it was an obvious choice to make sure this build fell into good hands.


When the bike first entered our shop it was not in great condition. Loaded Gun Customs had finished their build back in 2006 and 10 years of neglect were starting to show. Intrigued by using the newly acquired XS650 as a base for an Analog Custom, Tony contacted Kevin about redoing the bike again and so the build began.


Since the build started life at the LGC shop, it already had some upgrades.  The wheel and tire combo, rear shocks, front brake upgrade, and 2-1 header pipe were all cleaned and re-used in our interpretation of a nice little XS650 Custom.  The frame was turned from lime green back to a more Analog-appropriate semi-gloss black.  Tony modified the rear subframe to include some mini-bolt turn signals and made a custom seat pan with an embedded Analog Motor Goods Reverse Bates Tail Light.  The other biggest change comes in the form of a custom made fly-screen featuring two Denali adventure-style headlights and two more mini-bolt turn signals.


As is par for course with an Analog build, Tony makes sure to touch everything on a bike and he makes some of the best finish decisions in the industry (I’m biased, but oh well…)  The Analog Motor Goods XS650 CNC covers are on point with the Scotch-Brite’d engine sidecovers.  The paint, seat upholstery, and brand new Cone Engineering muffler really round out the visual style for this bike.


The opportunity to work with other builders in the industry doesn’t always come to fruition in such an easy way.  The fact is that this time, the transformation from Stock to Cafe to Analog Custom resulted in this beautiful, stealth rider with a nice little story to boot for its new owner.


Photos by Brandon LaJoie

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